A Vision from PLCMentor.com

PLCMentor.com has been developed to be a different sort of training site.  First we want to train you in all aspects of Industrial Automation.  Second we want to be there for you after you have been trained.  That's important. 

During the years that I have been working with and training people from various backgrounds and various needs, one thing remains constant.  They all need that person to point them in the right direction and to help them over the hurdles they come across. In this business everyone needs a mentor.  I was fortunate to have had several mentors early in my career.  They all shaped my programming and design capabilities in ways that made me better.  That is my vision for PLCMentor.com.  I see three stages necessary to help developing controls professionals to be qualified controls professionals. 

First is the independent learning stage.  This can start on our site with the Videos and move to some of our organized training material that can be completed independently.  

Second is an assisted learning stage.  This stage is offered to those that have worked through the independent material on our site to a point that they are ready to move forward with a structured training coursework.  Classes for this level are held weekly and are supplemented with testing, and programming assignments. Classes are web based meetings so your location is unimportant.  Each class is limited to with 5-10 students.  

Finally, the third stage involves a mentoring period.  In this stage assistance is provided to graduates of stage1 and stage 2 as they move into their careers in the controls industry.  Imagine being assisted by 20 year veterans of the business as you move into the world of independent programming!

This is the vision of PLCMentor.com.  Come join us as we help create qualified professionals in the controls industry!


Russell White