If you have read our new ‘About Us’ page, you have an idea of our vision and what we want to provide. To meet this vision we have created a subscription process to move you from beginner to a proficient automation controls specialist. What follows is a brief description of our subscription levels:

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  • Allows the viewing of sample automation videos and access to the General forum.
Stage 1
PLC Training Video Access


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  • Access to expanded video library and new videos as they are created. Access to a view only version of a special Training forum with questions from our Stage 2 and 3 training programs and the answers posted by our instructors.
Stage 2
PLC Training

$49.99 USD/month

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  • Access to all stage 1 training materials. In addition, access to self paced independent training programs.  Training programs will be video led instruction specific to the skills to be taught.  Some of these videos may be exclusive to stage 2 and 3 training and will not be available to the Stage 1 subscribers.  A training section designed to lead the student through the video instruction will be included as well as programming exercises.  This training is an independent study so no program reviews or classroom time is included.  Ability to post questions to the training forum for answers from our instructors is included.
Stage 3
Automation and PLC Training

$99.99 USD/month

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  • Access to all stage 2 training materials. In addition, this level incorporates web based real time training classes for question and answer sessions. These classes will be instructor lead lasting up to 1 hour depending on the number of classroom questions posed. These classes will be designed to allow the student to learn over time to improve learning retention. Regular posting of programs for critique and classroom discussions is included.  Courses completed satisfactorily will be awarded with certificates of completion.  In addition a mentoring process will allow long term support to the student as they move into the professional environment
Online PLC Training Introduction Video
Stage 2 & 3 PLC Training Online Overview
Stage 2 & 3 PLC Training Online Overview
Stage 2 & 3 PLC Training Online Overview
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