Corporate Subscription Information

Thank you for coming to our corporate information page.  I think you will find our value is impossible for our competition to match.  Many online training courses today are simply designed to get continuing education credits or certificates. is different.  We are not trying to sell pretend training or simply trying to offer an alternative to traditional training programs.  We want to turn the industrial training world upside down by offering a system that is more efficient and more effective than traditional training.  Your key personnel need not be off site in an emergency.  You don't need to worry about sending them to expensive training that they forget two weeks upon their return.  Our training is different!

Just check out our comparison: Traditional Training
Key personnel are available on site even during the training. Personnel are offsite and generally unavailable for up to a week.
Training is delivered over time insuring excellent retention. Training is crammed in in a short period.  Most evaporates from the brain in a month.
Training covers multiple facets of automation.  Students can focus on one element or multiple as necessary. Training is centered on one discipline.  Multiple sessions are necessary for different topics.
Training and mentoring take place continuously through the year.  Training and mentoring can be renewed yearly.  Day to day problems can be discussed in class as they occur. Training generally takes place in a week or less.  Day to day problems can be discussed during that week.  No mentoring is involved.
Training includes a forum for regular questions and answers.
We are unaware of any other training available that offers a forum for questions.
Instructors are professionals with 20+ years of experience.
Experience varies.  Some instructors barely understand the subject themselves and some are well qualified.
One low price for each student:  $1999.00 for a year of continuous access.  Purchase orders accepted with proper credit references.
Pricing varies per course.  Generally $2000-4500 per course / per student, per week (doesn't include travel, lodging, and meals).

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