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Stage 3 Subscriptions


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Stage 3 Training

  • Access to all stage 1 & 2 training materials. 
  • Web based real time training classes for question and answer sessions. These classes will be instructor led lasting up to 1 hour depending on the number of classroom questions posed. These classes will be designed to allow the student to learn over time to improve learning retention. 
  • Courses completed satisfactorily will be awarded with certificates of completion.  All programming exercises must be completed and submitted for review to earn the certificate.
  • Mentoring process will allow long term support to the student as they move into the professional environment. 
  • Regular posting of programs for critique and classroom discussions is included.

Web training classes are sheduled once each week.  The student is responsible for joining the class at the scheduled time.  A limit of 12 students per class is maintained and attendence is open to the first students to log into the class.  Additional classes will be added as necessary to cover questions or additional students.  Only subscribers to our program are allowed to attend and only one student is allowed per connection.  Programs and questions submitted 24 hours prior to the class can be reviewed during the class time.  Questions are answered in the order that they are received before each class so submitting your questions early will insure early attention.  All instructor comments will be open to other students attending. Questions can be submitted via the training section of the forum available to subscribers only.  Classes will be recorded for those students that are not able to attend.  Attendance is not necessary to have your questions answered. 

Note:  Additional classes will be added as student load increases.  There will be some weeks that class will not be held.  Check this page for further information.  Class plan is for 40 classes a year. 

Submission of programs through the training forum for review is included.

  • Two programs may be submitted each month.
  • Review of program structure and functionality will be performed by our engineers.
  • Comments will be left on the training forum.


Webinar Classes Tuesday, 6:00 PM EST

IMPORTANT:  In order to complete labs assigned, the student will need access to the proper software and hardware tools for the class being taught.

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Training Available:  All Allen Bradley processors, Wonderware, Ignition, RedLion.  Any automation platform or subject that the instructor is competent in can be discussed.  Instructors generally have more than 20 years experience in the automation field.

Online PLC Training Introduction Video
Stage 2 & 3 PLC Training Online Overview
Stage 2 & 3 PLC Training Online Overview
Stage 2 & 3 PLC Training Online Overview
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